Trashed Mock-asin & When I am an Old Lady

Glass moccasin

My friend Gary, who is very talented glass artist, found a pair of inexpensive moccasin like loafers sitting at the county recycling center. Knowing about my shoe project, he brought them over to me and with a very large grin, and a bit of a chuckle said, “I can’t wait to see what you do with these.”

The challenge was accepted, and I did my very best to recreate the moccasin, down to the beadwork for the first shoe.

With the second shoe, I decided I hadn’t achieved quite the look I was going for with the test shoe, Sparkle, and needed to try again before jumping into the Ruby Red Slippers.

When I made the purple shoe, I couldn’t help but think of the poem, Warning, by Scottish poet, Jenny Joseph.

In many ways, this poem speaks so much to my friend Shoshana. She believed in me and my project. When she packed up her shoes, her husband was in shock, they were one of her most valued possessions.

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