Dog Ate My Slipper & Laundered

Glass slipper titled Dog ate my slipper

When I first started the project, I went to thrift shops to find a variety of styles so that I could have time to experiment and increase my knowledge and skills. If I knew a specific type of shoe was coming my way through a sponsor, I would look for similar styles to practice with.

My friend Rhonda asked about sending the shoe she was wearing when she had a horrible accident. I knew it was one of those cozy fur-lined slippers..

Here are the practice shoes that came out of that. The mold broke on Dog at My Slipper, and rather than pitch it, I used it as an exercise to learn how to pack the fur. Friends named this piece. Puppy lovers everywhere can relate.

Laundered was going well until I fired it, a little too hot, and the next thing you know, the glass piece loses it’s shape.

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