Walk in Pisgah II

Photo of glass hiking boot with glass zipper and glass laces

The boots didn’t start off as work boots. Seven years ago, they started off as fashionable boots. Very comfortable boots. Very sturdy boots with fantastic soles for hiking or walking on sidewalks in the winter.

These boots traveled on airplanes (thank goodness for zippers).

They got wet in the rain and salty in the snow.

They walked around areas normal shoes couldn’t, and they saw new places with me – from Vermont to Sedona, these boots had some mileage.

In between travels, these boots protected my feet from glass and who knows what else in the studio.

These boots made their biggest trek half-way across the United States when we moved to North Carolina. They hiked Pisgah, and saw some waterfalls before they started to show signs of age – rubber peeling, leather binding coming loose.

They were relegated to garden boots. They walked, climbed, dug and got muddy. And then, one day they sank into an unexpectedly deep mud puddle. They weren’t as waterproof as they used to be. That’s when they got replaced.

But these boots were so amazing, it took TWO pairs to replace them! One pair just like them, and a pair of knock-off Wellies for those deep mud puddles. Neither are as comfortable, but maybe with a few more miles and stories they will be.

Photo of glass boot
closeup photo of glass laces in boot
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