Lolly’s Shoe

glass clown shoe in white and blue

Lolly’s Shoe

Lolly the Magic Clown spent most of his days clowning around in Jackson Michigan. He was an active member of Clowns of America and founded the Grand and Glorious Galaxy of Mid-Michigan Clowns and co-founded the Midwest Clown Convention. Lolly introduced the National Clown Week Competition to Clowns of America International, which awards the alley (local clown group) for the best documentation and celebration of National Clown Week. He clowned year-round, and performed professionally for over 46 years!

Lolly’s interest in magic started with his first magic kit at the age of 10. After college, Lolly enrolled in a professional clown school in Pacifica, California. He learned to make balloon sculptures and was able to make over 75 different animals out of a 5 foot long balloon.

Lolly’s first paid clown job was at a Christmas tree lot. After that, he started clowning at malls, fairs, and anywhere there were kids. Back home in Michigan, Lolly regularly visited the children’s ward at the hospital. He would become a regular entertainer at the Mason County Fairgrounds.

Well-loved and incredibly talented, members of his Clown Alley remember him doing outrageously funny things at conventions. He enjoyed getting new clowns started in the craft.

Lolly said that clowning is another way to relate to kids. “My whole life is kids. It’s another way to make them happy.”

When he retired to Florida, Lolly took off his white face and became ELMO the Happy Hobo. Elmo continued to show up for parades, promotions and other community events until his magic slipped away.

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