Mask & Mirror

photo of two glass shoes - one black dress shoe and one white high top that have been split in half and put back together to represent two sides

They say that the artist who started a piece isn’t the same person when the piece is complete. We evolve during that time – through our experience, we learn more about our world as well as ourselves.

Not long into my project, I overheard the story for Still Me w viewing the Smithsonian Exhibit, The Negro Motorist Green Book*. While creating the two unique shoes to tell that stor kept imagining creating a shoe that combined the military d shoe with the high-top.

A year later, and more shoes and stories, I created the interconnected shoes. As I was cleaning and polishing these shoe sculptures, I realized that the concept had grown much deeper than the perception of others.

Our shoes cast and leave an impression upon others. Our choice in shoes is all about the perception we want others to have of us.
Do our shoes reflect our true identity, or do they mask it?

Every single detail in these shoes holds a deeper meaning.
They’re not just about the present; they also tell stories about our past and how we’re constantly changing. It’s fascinating how shoes can both hide and reveal, just like a mask or a mirror.

One of the shoes in Mask & Mirror has a noticeable gap between the two parts. This deliberate opening is the mirror to our inner selves. The decision to explore what’s inside, behind the mask we present, is a personal one. Do we let others catch a glimpse of our true selves?

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