Forever Changed

Glass sneaker with thick sole

After almost ten years of being a single mom to two children, with several attempts to ‘fix me up’ with a man, a friend gave my phone number to a potential suiter without telling me.

We went on several dates, which led to more time together, which led to a birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant. The kind of place that a marriage proposal over dessert would not be out of line. Of course I said yes.

We set a time to shop for THE ring after work on Monday night. I actually never made it to work that day. Traffic on the highway was backed up and my car refused to stop for the truck ahead of me.

My right ankle was seriously injured in that accident. Months of hospital, surgery, crutches, and physical therapy followed. I got married in ballet flats….nothing fit my newly rebuilt right ankle.

The shoes that did work for me while wearing a really ugly and uncomfortable brace had been black tie shoes larger than my normal size. I got so tired of black slacks that hid the brace…I started wearing sport shoes. The modifications made to the shoes so I could walk normally were so expensive, that I wore them until they were raggedy.

I now wear a very light weight Velcro style sports brace…bye-bye raggedy sport shoes!


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