My Ruby Slippers

Pair of sparkly red glass mary jane shoes with unique sole

I can’t remember when I saw “The Wizard Of OZ” for the first time, but I also can’t remember a time when I did not define my way of life by its teachings. As a child, my family gathered for the annual showing on TV of the “Wizard of OZ”. I always knew that this movie was the story of life.

As I grew up, I collected whatever Wizard of Oz memorabilia I could find. All friends and family members were on the look out for trinkets. Almost every birthday celebrated something for my collection even if it was just a card or picture. These objects were proudly displayed on my chest of draws which my husband dubbed “The Creche”.

Years later, my mother-in-law was looking over The Creche and asked, “What is with you and the Wizard of Oz?”. Without missing a beat this was my response: “The Wizard of Oz is the way of life. To get through life, you need a heart, a brain and lots of courage. And there is no place like home, your internal knowing self.” I was surprised that without thinking this analysis came out. And she was surprised that she never looked at the story that way. It was never discussed again.

Years later, I studied different spiritual practices. To my surprise, I learned that Frank Baum was a theosophist, and the story is a representation of the Soul’s journey to enlightenment. It is postulated that the colors in the story represent the colors of the chakras. It is possible that the “Yellow Brick Road” is symbolic of the Golden Path to enlightenment in Buddhism.

I chose to maintain, that with a brain, a heart, courage, and a strong belief in yourself there is nothing that you cannot achieve. “Click your heels three times and repeat “There is NO place like home”.

As I am approaching my 68th year, I am pleased to pass on my slippers to your wonderful project so that others can learn from them and their story.

Enjoy my “ruby slippers”.

-Shoshana Englard-Falconer

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