Glass sling with wedge heel

I was in my mid to late 20’s, had 4 sons and was a stay at home mom with very little discretionary money. Like everyone else, I wanted to look nice, be able to be fashionable. But there were bills to be paid.

I was shopping which I usually hated to do when I saw a pair of Italian leather high heels with a 3-inch spike that I couldn’t forget! I went in and drooled over them and ended up really exceeding any budget I had, and I bought them!

The story though is about this French pair I got at the same time in a 1/2 off because of the first purchase. They were wonderful, fit like a glove, I could wear them all day! Plus they had a very unusual heel that almost everyone remarked on positively. It made me feel like a million bucks and I was usually a jeans and loafers or “tennies” kinda of person.

The color went with almost everything and for a change I was stylish which was something I didn’t feel like very often!

I still remember how I loved those shoes and how I felt and have never had a pair since in my 80 years that made me feel like that!


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