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Proposal for Exhibition


Shoes: Storytellers of our Lives -or- Shoes as Storytellers


The widening schism in America is on everyone’s minds. A nation once known as a melting pot, once accepting of people from all walks of life, has become one of hardened hearts and closed minds. How can we return to open dialogue without name calling and judgement?

We learn to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Shoes: Storytellers of our Lives is a traveling exhibit of shoes accompanied with stories written by the shoe owners. These stories, translated into glass represent our common humanity.

Like people, glass is both forgiving and easily shattered. It is sometimes clear, and other times opaque. It can allow us to see inside, or look outside. Glass is the perfect medium to translate this expression into an exhibit built out of empathy. The result of using the pâte de verre technique lends to an added feeling of fragility, another reminder of the importance of honoring and holding space for others.

List of Works

Up to 52 glass shoes will be available for the exhibit, representing roughly 100 miles per story since a full mile is 5,280 feet. For smaller or shared exhibition spaces, a subset of these shoes can be made available.


A complete inventory will be made available upon request.


Shoes may be displayed on pedestals (if available), shelving units (if available), or wall shelves (artist provided). Stories will be printed in a 16pt font for easy reading and laminated.

Shoes may be accompanied by props to aid the storytelling. For example, the Red High Top tells the story of a young man who had leukemia and made it to graduation. The display could include a mortarboard and tassel.

Delivery and Installation

Unless otherwise discussed, shoes, props and wall shelves will be delivered and installed by the artist with the assistance of gallery staff.


Galleries wishing to sell works will be provided a price list with the inventory sheet. In addition to the shoes, galleries may consider consigning or purchasing copies of the exhibition book to sell.

Suggested Programming

In conjunction with the exhibition, I am available for both private or public gallery talks, including a demonstration of the lost shoe casting process. I am an experienced studio educator, and able to offer short or long workshops depending on the warm glass shop availability.

Exhibition Costs & Fees

Costs are determined by a number of factors, including the venue location and additional request of the artist. Because of the fragile nature of the shoes, it is my preference to transport them myself whenever possible. Costs are open for discussion and should not be a consideration for selecting this proposal.

Artist fees are charged per diem for workshops. Talks and/or short demonstrations are expected. Remuneration is appreciated, particularly if special travel arrangements are required.

Supporting Documents


Artist Statement (exhibition-specific)

Artist Biography

Artist Resume/CV