Glass Sneaker with dark Cosmos pattern

As memories go, the first purchase from a Facebook vendor was a very scary action for Kim. But these tennis shoes were so universe-y looking that temptation was given into. It turned out that these tennis shoes happened to be the most comfortable ever purchased and worn!

The tennis shoes have been around for nearly or a little over 10 years so they were also on my feet through a good number of memories. Notably the most memorable are so many walks with my Mom, now gone from Earth, as we walked many places on Earth. I think her happiest moments were when she was in Big Bend National Park! These tennis shoes proved to be rugged and always comfortable and that is a lot to say in terms of the heat of Big Bend. I spent many hours guiding my Mom through her losses of location and what we were doing together while I wore these shoes. They hold a lot of memory and now, they help an artist with a very important project and my Mom would be smiling just to think of that!


Textured Cosmos, 2022 — 4.5x5x11 inches
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