All ornaments are created one at a time
No two are exactly alike, no matter how hard I try!

Blown Ornaments

I blow ornaments using glass tubes encasing a variety of colors of finely ground glass.  Ornaments vary from just under 2″ to almost 4″ around.


Splats are created with the tubes from the blown ornaments, glass rods and finely ground glass.  Splats vary from about 5″x5″ to up to 9″ in length.

Planter Ornaments

When an ornament goes wrong – either I blow too hard and pop the ornament, or the shape is just too wonky to even consider funky, I fuse it down flat and add extra glass or enamel to create a unique decoration for your plant.  Most are about 9″ long, and the top can vary from 1 1/2″ to about 3″.  Available for local pick-up only.


I use molds in the shape of different snowflake styles, and use different colored glass combinations to create these wonderful winter treats.  Snowflakes are 3-5″.