November 8, 2016 News 0

In October, the American Craft Council held PresentTense at the Kaneko here in Omaha.  Nothing could be more exciting than attending a big art & craft conference in your own backyard.  Not literally of course, because I don’t live downtown.  But you know – transportation and accomodation-free.

I had never attended an ACC conference so I had no idea what to expect.  What I found was that it was mentally stimulating and creatively inspiring.  I heard speakers talk about why they create and how they hope to impact the world around them.  I listened to some of the most humble people talk about their creative process and their passions.  Surrounded by educators, curators and makers I found my brain spinning out of control thinking about all the possibilities.

Since the conference, I started a new fiber art project, and have plans to incorporate glass into it in a way I haven’t tried before.  I’m looking forward to the whole process, which I started with dying, stenciling, block printing, screen printing and even finger painting!