As a child, I had the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums in summer and weekend art classes.  Some of my fondest memories involve scented markers (yes I’m a child of the 70s!)  During undergraduate studies in Sign Language Interpreting, Communications and Linguistics, I took several elective art courses.I “retired” to motherhood and as the children have become more independent, found myself more involved in creative endeavors, spending a great deal of time at Goodwill scouring the racks for discarded fashions to turn into purses and other accessories. In pursuit of creating one-of-a-kind upcycled purses, my husband gave me the gift of lampworking (glass beadmaking) classes. This led to renting a studio in the Hot Shops.

After a year of commuting downtown while the kids were at school, I decided to move operations home. I missed the opportunity to teach (outside the home), and art talks and realized that the Western part of Omaha was missing Art. In the winter of 2012, plans were laid to create an art center; incorporating gallery, classroom and studio space for multiple artists.  I opened Smiling Turtle Art Spot in late summer 2013 with two business partners.

Over the last 3 years at Smiling Turtle, I have learned about, tried and taught a variety of artistic mediums.  Each has given me a renewed sense of where I am as an artist, allowing breaks from routine and challenging me to push my work in new directions.  I still work with Inks, and am growing with Cold Wax, but ultimately, glass and fiber will always rank highest on my list. I enjoy creating art and accessories that are full of life – colorful, and, maybe unlike most of our lives, well-balanced.

I closed Smiling Turtle Art Spot in Spring of 2016.  Now I have more time to work on my own art, and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Bug and I take daily walks, and I’m always looking for inspiration around me.  Follow my Instagram account for nature-inspired photos – and yes, feel free to use them in your own artwork.

I Believe Art Should Be…

Accessible ~ Playful ~ Inspirational ~ Affordable ~ Usable ~ Conversational ~ Colorful ~ Freeing ~ Enticing ~ Public ~ Rewarding ~ Pleasurable ~ Noticeable ~ Personal ~ Fun ~ Educational ~ Welcoming ~ Engaging ~ Understandable ~ Uplifting and

Nothing Short of Amazing